• Super friendly and helpful staff, wonderful classes and lots of fun.

    Erik Ohlson
  • I never saw myself as a boxer, but I was looking for something more engaging than running on the treadmill at home. It dawned on me to look into boxing gyms in the area, and I luckily found Ringtime Fitness. I am really happy I did! Each class is such a great full body workout and the 45 minutes fly by. I feel very accomplished at the end of each class and look forward to the next one. All age groups and talent levels are represented in the class so it's really easy to fit in even if you have little to no experience.

    Ryan S
  • I LOVE this gym so much. Ira is a truly gifted coach and sets such a high bar of wisdom and knowledge and guidance through the medium of fitness. There is SO much positive inspiration and motivation to be found here. I'm really so happy to know that this awesome boxing gym exists to serve this community. Be strong! Be empowered! Take responsibility for your choices and thrive! Walk a straight path and love your life!! So much heart here. Thank You IRA!!!

    Elsa Bella
  • I attend Rock Steady boxing exercise for Parkinson's Monday through Thursday. Awesome coaches, great equipment and clean environment.

    Dickie Thomas
  • Just a solid boxing gym with great equipment.

    Christopher J. Coughlin
  • I've never been so excited about getting to the gym in my life. And that's saying something. I've worked in gyms and been a member at a few. These guys are super and fun, not intimidating or pretentious at all. Lucky me to have them so close to where I live!

    Gena Marri Whitson
  • Love this place. Israel, Agustin, Edgar, and Fabian are friendly, knowledgeable, and make you feel special. They know everyone's name and make you feel at home. I have a love/hate relationship. The workouts are tough and make you hate them in the moment. After, I love them all. This is the first place that makes me want more everyday. I quit my regular gym membership and signed up here. Great atmosphere and clean facility. Highly recommend Ringtime Fitness and will keep referring my friends.

    Cynthia Carr
  • This was the best full body, cardio, stress relief workout....plus fun! Great trainers.

    Kimberly McCoy
  • Isreal is the best personal trainer! He is patient and really makes sure your techniques are on point before moving forward!! Extremely comfortable and professional environment, highly reccommend!

    Cassie Rose Lindstrom
  • Awesome workout! Awesome staff and trainers! Really feel great about myself after each workout!

    Niki Kósa

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